Anthology of Humor Writing from The New Yorker
It’s definitely time to renew your library card.

Even if you still have a bad taste left in your mouth from that required summer reading list of 1997, The New Yorker‘s nearly century-spanning  anthology of humor writing, “Fierce Pajamas”, will cleanse your palate. The book unexpectedly (well, unexpected in my own ignorant case) includes essays from authors and comedians such as Woody Allen, Steve Martin, and F. Scott Fitzgerald. E.B. White’s (of good ol’ “Charolette’s Web” fame) entry, “Dusk in Fierce Pajamas”, applies the  glamorous descriptions of the lives of the fashion elite as seen in 1930s style magazines to the miserable monotony of White’s own life. His attempts to describe the details of his night sick in bed as if it were the narration of an episode of E! News makes me feel a little silly for getting a bit too interested in the lives of celebrities (is there a way to erase my history of watching, like, the entire season 1 of “Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami” from my Netflix online account?). Along with this feeling of shame, I warn you, this book has the ability to actually make you laugh out loud-a quality necessary to make you trust books again, especially after that whole, you know, “The Illiad” incident.


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