Pocket Change: Twenty Six Dollars

The exact price of this coral blazer is difficult to determine. It’s not that I don’t remember, it’s just that I would have to do some arithmetic to get to the answer and the last time I dealt seriously with numbers we came to an agreement that it’s best if we don’t mingle ever again.

Oversize Coral Blazer

You see, this extra large overcoat was spotted by me while I was in a frenzy of thrifting, power-walking around the now-thawed grey concrete floor of my local ice rink  , looking like a mad woman at 9:00 am with a 30 gallon rose colored garbage bag slung over my shoulder. The ice rink was holding its annual yard sale to benefit cancer research on the final day of which one can purchase a trash bag for $30 and fill it up with as much junk as you can convince yourself you need. My mother and I were low on junk, thus, the 30 gallon bag.

So, if I were to divide $30 by the number of items in that overflowing bag I suppose I would get an exact amount. But, all I know is that we filled that bag with more than 30 items so the jacket was no more than $1. Let’s just leave it at that, ay?

The gold sandals are actually by Jessica Simpson, but were forgotten by their first owner I assume as I found them un-scuffed at a yard sale for $2 at a Greek Church a few blocks from my house. How did I get so lucky?

The shorts are Rodarte for Target, but are more like Rodarte for Target for Goodwill because I discovered a large batch of items from Target’s designer lines at a Goodwill near me. I have a hunch Target donates their slow movers to Goodwill and I could not be more excited. Rodarte shorts for $3? Sighhhh, so perfect.

Strangely enough this look’s big ticket item is the ballet pink striped American Eagle tee which was purchased by me about 6 years ago for full price. I can’t remember the exact price, but it was likely something absurd so I’m guessing $20.

Oh, and isn’t it a shame that the original source of the summer’s freshest hue, coral, is struggling to survive at the bottom of the ocean? Increased ocean water temperatures due to global warming have made coral seem like a crummy real estate location for the thousands of tiny organisms that live on it and give it its vibrant hues.When these tiny organisms leave the coral, the color goes with them and often indicates that the end of its life is near.

We can’t let such a wonderful source of fashion inspiration (not to mention an integral member of the ecosystem) disappear! Read more about it in this New York Times article.

Coral photo

Image from wallcoo.net

I mean, look who was the first to be bold enough to pair pink and orange…


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