Pocket Change: Ten Dollars And Ninety Cents

This was once a homely kindergarten teacher dress.

It once fell to about a mid-calf length, swallowed me up in ghastly proportions, and suffered from an inferiority complex, wondering if it could ever be fit for daylight. Well, maybe things weren’t that bad.

Whatever its previous condition, I altered it. With just four safety pins- one in the middle of the front, one in the middle of the back, and one on each of the sides. I did this to shorten it in the front and leave it drift a little longer in the back. There is something so edgy and romantic about asymmetrical hemlines in a lift fabric like this chiffon dress.

Thrifted Dress: $1, Forever21 Shoes: $9.90



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2 responses to “Pocket Change: Ten Dollars And Ninety Cents

  1. ooh thats a great idea. usually when im changing up a thrift item, my changes are usually irreversible because i will do something like cut it/ sew it. the safety pin idea was a good one. when i came from your chictopia to your blog i was wondering if you did some kind of alteration by safety pinning the front making it sort of asymmetrical front to back… which gave me ideas. obviously i like this look haha, longggg comment. xoxo

    • mhsteinberg

      I love chopping the sleeves off silky blouses or hemming skirts to a new length too, but sometimes I get lazy (as I was with this dress) and just stick some safety pins in it. It works until I get up the ambition to hand sew it haha. I’m glad you like the idea =]

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