Pocket Change: Fifty Cents

Some say the best things in life are free. I say they are found at yard sales.

Denim Dress
Dress: $0.50

Well, a lot of things, that is. Nothing really beats the sweetness of a good old fashioned no-charge walk through nature. I had both those joys of life on this HOT day in Macon, Georgia about two weeks ago. I yanked this dress from a pile of children’s clothes at a church yard sale last fall and took it home for just fifty cents. The denim material is ideal for breezy summer days as it is heavy enough to stay put when a gust of wind comes by, but is light enough so as not to suffocate me. Claytor Lake State Park

For the nature side of things, I pitched a tent in Claytor Lake State Park, Virginia and stared at this mossy bark for quite some time. Sounds a little pointless, but it was incredibly relaxing and even gave me the chance to spot a little Bambi strolling through the background. I definitely recommend this park to anyone looking to get some camping in this summer-especially those with an irrational fear of bugs (i.e. me). Their bathrooms are Daddy Long Leg Spider free (as far as I could tell)!


Oh, and how about some glamping?

GlampingImage via Benedikt Kranz for JNC Magazine


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