Dewey Decimal This: How Did You Get This Number

If you’ve ever attempted to become a better, say, more laid back version of yourself and succeeded for two or three days, this book is for you.


And now is the time to read it. Oh, sweet summer-when the livin’ is so easy you can just drop off that last “g”, when an uptight attitude is as out of place as a polar bear, and when I stress myself out about my failure to not stress out.

It all feels justified now, however, that Sloane Crosley has given us another peek into her slightly dysfunctional life in “How Did You Get This Number”. The book is a collection of personal essays about life’s little disappointments and our eventual acceptance of them with a chuckle. So what if Crosely makes travel plans with a spinning globe and her pointer finger and consequently ends up alone in Lisbon, Portugal with a language barrier tougher than the Great Wall of China? She finds the redeeming qualities in the end, even if they may only be the fact that it was a funny story.

In comparison to her debut work, “I Was Told There’d Be Cake”, “How Did You Get This Number” is equally hilarious (and the artwork makes it just as difficult not to judge it by its cover-who wouldn’t want to know what’s behind that bear’s head?).

I Was Told There'd Be Cake


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