Pocket Change: Eleven Dollars

There was a time when I would rather wear a potato sack than be “matchy matchy”.

Floral Skirt

But it is so darn easy to compromise your principles when, out of the corner of your eye, you notice that within your mountainous laundry pile a calm, but vibrant shade of sky blue peeks out from two separate garments (a top and a bottom at that!) and you know you would be doing a disservice to the color wheel if you did not unite them.

And this is the $11 outcome:

Shoshanna Blue Floral Skirt

Hand-Me-Down Striped Blouse: $0.00, Thrifted Shoshanna Skirt: $2.00, Thrifted Studded Loafers: $9.00

Floral Bolero Necklace

Bolo ties have recently become an unintended obsession for me. They are the first piece of jewelry I run my hands over at thrift shops and rummage sales and I always end up taking one home. It’s the ones in flashy metals that have me pouring the pennies out of my wallet. This golden rose adds an unexpected femininity to the bolo tie which is typically made of dark rugged leather. I bought it for $1 at a local thrift shop during their summer 50% off sale. Layered over classic pieces like this striped oxford shirt, these necklaces look so perfectly out of place you can’t blame me for buying in bulk, right??

Gold Studded Loafers

I like to pretend mine are cooler than Christian Louboutin’s.

My mutt Cassie, who lovingly leaves her touch on all my outfits (which I then lovingly remove with the lint roller).


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One response to “Pocket Change: Eleven Dollars

  1. Cute outfit! And for only $11? Very impressive. I’ve been looking for the perfect stripped button down for a while… and yours was free!

    Check out my blog sometime, maybe follow if you feel so inclined: http://www.babablogweb.blogspot.com


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