Cheap Thrills: Oh My Ida

Ida Maria’s music is so enthralling that I am unashamed to say that I know, from personal experience,that it is best heard after haphazardly applying two coats of mascara (top and bottom), three crooked swipes of badass black kohl liner, wiggling into your skinniest jeans and highest heels and completing a dance routine that would make only Elaine Benes  jealous.

Ida MariaImage via Chicago Inner View

Her voice has all the scratchiness of those first thirsty words upon awakening from a night of hard drinking and her lyrics contain the internal conflict and personal regret of the morning after to match. You’ll be so easily seduced
by her music’s honesty that your girl crush may very well turn into full on obsession by the time you check out her smoky eyes, blunt brunette bangs & bob combo and her wardrobe of snug leather jackets and retro dresses. Plus, she’s from Norway and sees music in colors due to a rare condition called synesthesia. Sounds awesome.

Go ahead, do an angst-y dance in the mirror, it’s only natural.

Ida Maria Image credit

Uhhmmm, can I be you, Ida Maria?


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