Pocket Change: Nine Dollars and Thirty Cents

About four months ago, while slouched in front of my computer screen, I had an epiphany about my life’s true purpose. And it involved this skirt:

Pleated Chiffon Skirt

From that moment on I knew I couldn’t rest until the skirt was hanging in my overcrowded closet. And so I searched high and low, through the racks of every Goodwill and Salvation Army (within a ten minute drive from my home, that is-any further and I would kind of be defeating the environmental friendliness of thrifting), dug deep in the bins of every consignment shop and brought my Buick to a real slow creep past every yard sale in the hood.

When all my efforts left my skirt-less, I knew it was time to make this a national concern. Well, sort of.

After a week of a strict tourist-appropriate diet of peaches and peach flavored delights (the hot sauce was my favorite!) in Macon, Georgia, my mother and I were homeward bound. A couple minutes into our drive we came to a crossroad at which we had to choose between beating rush hour traffic and scouting out a Georgian Goodwill. Luckily, we went with the latter.  The fashion gods had directed my life’s path to this very thrift shop to unite with my dream sheer pleated chiffon skirt (made in Italy, to boot!) for $3.50. Now I can sleep easy. Until my next obsession comes along, that is…

Robert Indianna Love RingOh, and speaking of  sartorial messages from above, I found this brass ring at the Westgate Jewelry Shop’s dollar secondhand jewelry sale in Bethlehem, PA a couple weeks ago. The fact that I live in Philly (which has an entire park dedicated to the LOVE sign), adore gaudy rings and am a total cheapskate meant that this ring and I were destined to be together.

And imagine my joy when, after a little googling, I discovered that this ring is part of a limited edition collection of LOVE inspired rings made by the artist Robert Indiana in 1971 and sell for about $350 on eBay now! Score!

Robert Indiana Love RingJust goes to show what a frugal attitude and a little thrifting can get ya!


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  1. I’m from Indiana and I absolutely love that statue! My sister was actually proposed to in front of a version here 🙂 That is an incredible find!!! Cheers to the savvy thrifter!

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