Pocket Change: Ten Dollars and Forty Nine Cents

If there was anyone who was legitimately seasonally confused, it would be me. This is what I wore in yesterday’s 85 degree weather:

Cutoff Denim Vest

And that is a thick denim vest, from a time when denim was denim and not some strange thin polyester spandex blend of fabric that rips at the thought of fence hopping or introductory skateboarding lessons or even a five minute sit on rough concrete steps-basically all that being a youngin’ in North Philly entails.

Durable denim still existed in the ’80s, when my mother bought a Guess by Marciano jean jacket which you now see as a vest on me. I chopped the sleeves off so I hope that is some indication that I am at least slightly conscious that it is still summer.

My $5.00 BDG skinnies are not of this tough variety of denim, but they fit so well in the Goodwill dressing room that I decided I’d just be careful when wearing them.

Boots in warm weather also kind of make no sense. But, fifty cent yard sale cowgirl boots always make sense.

Studded BraceletAnyone else guilty of completely disregarding the weatherman for the sake of fashion? Anyone?


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One response to “Pocket Change: Ten Dollars and Forty Nine Cents

  1. this outfit is gorgeous! I am equally confused by the rush of cool weather after a hot weekend…

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