Pocket Change: Seven Dollars

Missy’s #1 Thrifting Rule: Size does not matter.

Floral Tucker for Target Dress

Missy’s #2 Thrifting Rule: Size does not matter, ESPECIALLY when in reference to a Tucker dress.

Well, a Tucker for Target dress. But really, a Tucker for Target for Goodwill dress. For $5.00. Regardless, I found this frock having an identity crisis in the pajama section of the Goodwill in Bethlehem, PA and, as I was feeling particularly altruistic that day, I decided I should show it some love.

Now, I thought there wasn’t a lot of love left in me to give to printed fabrics (I have a steady and essentially exclusive relationship going with polka dots, gingham and leopard). However, those sherbert-soaked flowers made me drool and the vibrant magenta reminded me a bit of the view of sunset from my apartment. So, I ignored the little “M” embroidered on its tag. I ignored my mother’s incredulous (but endearing, as always <3) laughter at the thought that I should buy something that is obviously too big. I ignored the garment’s natural silhouette, which is suspiciously similar to a moo-moo on me. And I threw a (hand-me-down) belt on it.

After quite a few wearings, I think the dress understands that it is, in fact, a dress again. But, I’ve totally confused my black ribbon into thinking it’s a necklace with this little D.I.Y.

Gold Chain Necklace

I simply strung the ribbon through the ends of this gold chain choker to make it a little less ’80s.

Oh, and here is what sundown from my window looks like. This one is a little more cotton candy than sherbert, but it’s still gorgeous.

Cotton Candy Sunset


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One response to “Pocket Change: Seven Dollars

  1. I think you look amazing in the tucker print and made it really work for you! And if thats not enough, your ensemble was only $7! Show that dress some love, but once it no longer pleases you, simply pass it along to the next lucky thrifter 🙂

    I found you via Chictopia !!

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