Pocket Change: Twenty Eight Dollars and Ninety Nine Cents

When I was in sixth grade, dusty blue oxfords and navy plaid kilts were the bane of my existence.

Studded CollarHand-me-down Oxford: $0.00, J.Crew Jeans: $19.99, Thrifted from The Attic Loafers: $9.00

Now, they are the life blood of my wardrobe – partially because there is a stockpile of them in my basement from my Catholic school days and partially because nothing can put me in studying mode quite like a sharp collar and ballerina bun. And, as most of my time at my desk is spent in a volley between Texts From Last Night and Chictopia, I’ve been striving more and more lately to dress like a scholar in hopes that the work ethic will soon follow.

I added a nearly lethal dose of studs (the shoes, the necklace, the bracelet) which provoked a couple comments from the lovely peanut gallery that is Broad Street. My necklace is from the antique shop Founders Crossing in Bedford, PA. I’m not sure how old the piece is, but I bet the lady who rocked it got her fair share of hoots and hollers too.

Studded Collar Necklace


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