Pocket Change: Sixteen Dollars and Forty Seven Cents

To be in a fitting room full of jeans is to be on the brink of a mental breakdown.

Red BlazerYard Sale Blazer: $2.50, Salvation Army Leopard Button Down: $0.99, Goodwill BDG Jeans: $5.00, Target Heels: $7.98

After the first stack of denim, try on one more pair that grants you a muffin top or pancake butt or any other breakfast related flaw in fit and you’re ready to shun the whole “pants” trend for a wardrobe consisting exclusively of maxi’s (not really a bad thing though).

It’s hard enough finding a flattering pair, let alone a pair that won’t suck up all the cash I might have otherwise stashed in its pockets. Which is what makes these dark wash BDG’s all the sweeter. Considering that Bethlehem’s Goodwill is always jammed with racks of jeans and, as we all know, thrifting for a certain size is as nonsensical as wearing heels to walk a mile (I’m guilty of both…), I’m usually discouraged to look for jeans there. Luckily, I didn’t really have to look for these skinnies – they were the first pair to greet me on the end of the denim rack. In my size and price range, these jeans have planted a bit of a guilt complex in me for never giving those secondhand blue’s a fair chance before.

If you also question your sanity while shopping for jeans, I highly suggest you take a look at the one’s at your local thrift store. They’ve already got that lived in and loved feel that those artificially distressed pairs (the creation of which often leads to illness or death of laborers)  just can’t duplicate.

Red Blazer Close Up

Honestly, is there anyone in the universe who enjoys jean shopping?



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2 responses to “Pocket Change: Sixteen Dollars and Forty Seven Cents

  1. Ironically, I had to help my boyfriend shop for some jeans today… Normally its like pulling his teeth out, but today he was more patient and calm than I was! I honestly have my own personal frustration with jean shopping, but I have been lucky to find a few good pairs at my local Goodwill as well. But that led to a lot of more searching for jeans, and coming up empty handed. So maybe its a shot in the dark, finding a good pair at a thrift store… we should just consider ourselves lucky when we do and hold on to that pair like no other…but I love that live-in feeling they bring, too!!

  2. Jeweliana

    I love discont shopping. It’s the smart thing to do. All of the money that I have to spend on my senior year is cutting my pockets deep, so there’s nothing like a good ol’ Goodwill or Plato’s closet. I don’t know of any thrift shops around me, but I would deffinately love to go to one. Keep it up (:

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