Cheap Thrills: Philadelphia College Day 2011

Rocky most aptly demonstrates my reaction to all the crazy good freebies available to anyone with a college student ID throughout the city tomorrow, September 24th, for Philly College Day.

Rocky Running Up Art Museum Stairs Black and White

Image via CBS Philly

After three years living in Philly, I think it might just be time I undergo my unofficial rite of passage and scramble up the art museum steps, panting like a dog and dressed like the Michelin Man in seven layers of sweats, do a celebratory jig and then casually stroll into the museum to gape at the Rembrandt exhibit. FOR FREE.

And then, having been overwhelmed with artistic enlightenment and inspiration, I will create a masterpiece of my own – by handing over an old tee shirt to Moore College of Art and Design students (at 20th St. and the Parkway) who will screenprint an original design on it for me. FOR FREE.

After exhausting my creative juices I will replenish at 1734 Chestnut St. with a Scoop DeVille dusty road sundae for 40 percent off the normal price. Then, when I realize that I have a mixture of malt powder and hot fudge splattered on my shirt and that, perhaps, bibs for adults aren’t as ludicrous as they sound, I will purchase a replacement blouse from the eco-friendly wonder woman, Sarah Van Aken, at SAVA on 17th and Sansom Streets.  However, as all SAVA brand items will be 20 percent off, I might have to buy a dress as well…

SAVA Philadelphia

Images via SAVA

All that will really be left to do is people watch in Rittenhouse, get my Whole Foods goodie bag coupon from the Campus Philly Tent in the park and brainstorm justifications for getting another dessert (for 10% off, mind you) at Franklin Fountain.

Franklin Fountain Philadelphia Logo

Images via Franklin Fountain

Now, this is merely a suggestion for what to do in Philly tomorrow. If you’re looking for a day, say, a bit less centered on high calorie sweets, check out the complete list of museums, restaurants, retailers and attractions offering free or discounted goods to students tomorrow here.


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