Cheap Thrills: St. Paul’s White Elephant Sale

Yeah. I don’t know exactly what a “White Elephant Sale” is either.

Brown Leather Messenger Bag Thrifted Purse: $0.50

But, I do know that you don’t need more than a dollar to reap all its benefits. This time last year I visited St. Paul’s in Allentown, Pennsylvania in hopes of a few tables of knick-knacks, maybe some quirky mugs and a grandpa sweater or two. However, as I stepped onto the hardwood floors of the church’s spacious auditorium I realized I wasn’t messing with amateur yard-salers. Members of the congregation set up almost twenty rows of tables stacked with clothes, jewelry, home decor and purses. Oh, the purses-all for a quarter.

Naturally, I scoured every inch of every table (even the children’s section-don’t judge- I found an adorable denim dress for fifty cents (pictured below)).  Being one of the few shoppers there ineligible for AARP membership, I had my pick of the loot as my tastes differed greatly from theirs (i.e. I wasn’t running for the Christmas decorations section). Anyway, I spent only a couple bucks and came home with pieces I’ve been wearing almost non-stop throughout the year such as these:

Acid Wash Denim DressThrifted Dress: $0.50

Navy Quilted Chain Link PurseThrifted Purse: $0.25

The annual sale is going on tomorrow from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm at Third and Susquehanna streets in Allentown.


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