Pocket Change: Twelve Dollars and Seventy Cents

The only thing that gets me out of bed on rainy days is the opportunity to wear a trench coat.

Trench Coat Red ShortsYard Sale Riding Boots: $0.50, Yard Sale Ralph Lauren Shorts: $0.25, The Attic Trench Coat: $11.95

I once tested the waters of wearing rain gear during blue skies. Despite being outdoors and obviously capable of feeling the difference between sun rays and rain drops, a few well-meaning (I hope!) people asked if I knew it wasn’t raining. When I said yes, they smiled politely with an uneasy look in their eyes, mentally searching for the nearest nut house to throw me in, no doubt.

Yet, at the risk of being institutionalized, I still pull out my $11.95 trench coat, which I bought at The Attic a couple years ago, on sunny days. Well, sunny days with a minimum of a 10% chance of precipitation, that is.Who wants to reserve such a classic piece to days when it’s going to get soaked, hmm?

The chocolate brown riding boots found their way into my shoe bin from the Lehigh Yard Sale, where all the footwear is $0.50, this past summer .  I snagged the high-waisted red Ralph Lauren shorts from a discouraging pile of gym shorts at the Illicks Mill Ice Rink Boutique Yard Sale, which I hit up this past summer as well. I bought them on fill-a-bag day, so I’m not sure of their exact price tag, but my bag was nearly overflowing so I assume they worked out to be less than a dollar.


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