Pocket Change: Twenty Eight Dollars and Ninety Eight Cents

As soon as I stepped out on to Broad Street this morning, hit play on “Baby” by Devendra Banhart on my iPod and slid on my shades I became hyper-aware that I was dressed just like a 1950s greaser.

Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket Salvation Army Thrifted Flats: $3.99, J.Crew Jeans: $19.99, Lehigh Yard Sale Thrifted Faux Leather Jacket: $5.00

To add to the authenticity, I pretty much paid 1950s prices for everything here. $5.00 motorcycle jacket? Kind of made me want to break out into an embarrassingly enthusiastic rendition of “Grease Lightning”. I kept that one to myself though as when I bought this jacket, I was in the middle of a crowd of overheated, relentless bargain hunters at the Lehigh Yard Sale this past May who were more than willing to trample through such a performance. That song is better suited for, say, a poodle skirt purchase anyway.

Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket


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One response to “Pocket Change: Twenty Eight Dollars and Ninety Eight Cents

  1. So totally awesome. I love everything about this outfit. ESPECIALLY since it’s under $30… The jacket fits you like a glove, love and there is nothing in this world chicer than pointed toe ballet flats 🙂

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