Cheap Thrills: The Best Birthday Freebies

On that day when you are mercilessly confronted with the fact that time waits for no man and that you have grown yet another year older but no closer to completing even a third of your planned DIY projects or marrying James Franco, you deserve a lot of free loot.

Vegan Treats BethlehemImage via Vegan Treats

I recently faced this troublesome thought. I turned 21 on December 29th and drowned out reality with visits to various bars and retailers that provided freebies and discounts for my birthday. Here are a couple of my favorites that really take the edge off.

1. Who: Benefit Cosmetics

     What: Free Eyebrow Wax

     Why It’s A Perfect Birthday Distraction: Benefit’s brow service is normally $20. If you’re not fully distracted by all the money you’re saving, the intimidating piping hot wax should do the trick.


2. Who: Baskin Robbins

     What: Free Ice Cream

     Why It’s A Perfect Birthday Distraction: Besides the feeling of glory inherent in being a member of Baskin Robbins’ exclusive Birthday Club, the sugar rush from a cone of one of their delicious ice cream flavors will undoubtedly make you happy to have a birthday.


3. Who: Sephora

What: Free Deluxe Sample of a Beauty Product

Why It’s A Perfect Birthday Distraction: The free product changes every year, so the anticipation of discovering the freebie will make your special day feel more like a product launch than a birthday. Past samples include Sephora emerald eyeliner and Philosophy Birthday Cake Body Wash.


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  1. Yes!! I have definitely embraced the Sephora member card (love the vanilla body wash) and holy crap an eyebrow wax sounds amazing!! Also, Anthropologie has a yearly 15% your entire purchase during your birthday month! Happy happy birthday!!! 🙂

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